Settle A Judgment

A judgment means that the creditor has won a lawsuit against you. It may mean that the lawsuit was won "on the merits" (based on the facts and the law), or it may mean that you did not answer the complaint and lost the case through what is called a "default".

You may not have even known there was a judgment against you until now, and you may not have even known there was a lawsuit ever filed or won. It happens a lot.

If you have a judgment against you, the "judgment creditor" can freeze and levy your bank accounts, garnish your wages, and/or put liens on personal and real property if the judgment is not paid. In order to do this, proper legal procedures must be followed by the creditor.

There are ways to get the judgment vacated- some of which require paying an attorney to do this in court. But, if you want to settle the judgment (pay it off) and have it vacated, we can work to get the amount lowered to something you'd be willing and able to pay. 

Contact us today so that we can evaluate the situation and discuss getting the judgment paid and removed in a way you find acceptable.