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Can You Help Me?

For Debtors: Remember- you must have money available or a source of income to settle a debt in order for us to help in any of these situations. There has to be some way to pay the settlement amounts.

Payment of this firm's fee is due once the settlement amount you've asked for is agreed upon by your creditor.

(If you can prove to us that you do not even owe the debt at all and the attempt to collect the debt is improper, then we will help at a reduced fee.)

For Creditors: Business debt-collection fees are paid upon receipt by this firm of collected amounts.

If it says "yes" next to a situation below, it means that this is the kind of situation we can help you with! If it says "no", then we probably cannot help.

1. I have a judgment filed against me or my business. Yes

2. I am receiving phone calls and/or letters
from a collection agency. Yes

3. I have unpaid medical bills. Yes

4. I do not owe this debt at all. It's a bogus claim. Yes (we will handle such cases at a reduced fee).

5. I have credit card debt. No

6. I own a business and need to re-negotiate an obligation(s), such as a contract, payable, or lease. Yes

8. I am a business owner and owe money that another business (or its attorney) is seeking from me. Yes

9. I have a lien on my assets or property or a frozen bank account. Yes (if you want to payoff the debt to get these things released)

10. My wages have been garnished. Yes (if you want to payoff the debt to get the garnishment removed)

11. I am an individual or business who just received service of a new lawsuit. No (you need to find an attorney who will file an answer or you will be in default. But, if you are not planning to answer the lawsuit in court, we can help you to understand what will happen- a default judgment- and help you with the debt)

12. I am a business owner who just received service of a new lawsuit. No (but see #11 above)

13. I have debts and have no money to pay them. No (there has to be a plan to lower the debt or get a payment plan- so there has to be money available to some degree)

14. I live outside New York and the debt is outside New York. No

15. I am a business owner who wants to go over all of my debts and create a plan for dealing with them by settling them with lump sum payments or payment plans, or re-negotiations with creditors. Yes (the review is free. Working with creditors to settle each debt is charged at $1,500.00 per debt for the debts we are successful at reducing as we determine).
16. There are monies owed to me in connection with a business transaction. I need collection services.  Yes

17. I am a business owner (including health care service providers) who wants to sell a receivable or open invoice for a product or service I provided to a customer, client, or patient. Yes

Email us today at attorney@siskindlawfirm.com to learn about our flat and contingent $250.00 (per debt) fee “debt help” services for New York consumers, and our flat and contingent $1,500.00 (per debt) fee "debt help" services for New York businesses, and our collection services for businesses.

Email or call today to discuss how we can help resolve your New York debts without lawsuits, bankruptcies, long term programs, or legal or other fees unless the debt is resolved. If you want to get debts and judgments resolved quickly, properly, and inexpensively, we offer the best possible solution.