Contingent Fee

We negotiate your debts lower - We protect your rights

What do we mean when we say that your fee is contingent and that you only pay if we achieve your goal?

It means that we agree with the client upfront the amount of money you want to pay to settle an obligation, and we agree on the form of such payment to settle a debt- meaning that it might be in a lump sum payment, to get a better deal or a payment over time, or both. For a business, it may mean an amendment to a contract, loan, or lease.

We will only take your case if we believe that your goals and expectations are realistic and can be achieved.

We will agree in writing what we are setting out to achieve, and if the goal is not achieved, no fee is due. If the goal does get achieved, then our $250.00 (for individuals) or $1,500.00 fee (for businesses) is due.

Remember- you must have money available or a source of income to settle a debt in order for us to help in any of these situations. There has to be some way to pay the settlement amounts.

Payment of this firm's fee is due once the settlement amount you've asked for is agreed upon by your creditor.

(If you can prove to us that you do not even owe the debt at all and the attempt to collect the debt is improper, then we will help at a reduced fee.)

Email us today at to learn about our flat and contingent $250.00 or $1,500.00 fee "debt help service" for New Yorkers.

Email or call today to discuss how we can help resolve your New York debts without lawsuits, bankruptcies, long term programs, or legal or other fees unless the debt is resolved. If you want to get debts and judgments resolved quickly, properly, and inexpensively, we offer the best possible solution.

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