Debt Settlement & Debt Management Programs

These are programs mostly for paying off credit cards. They generally require setting up accounts and making payments over time. Each program is different and you'd have to speak to the specific program or read about it online to decide if it's for you. Some may be good- some are dangerous to your credit, and your goals. Frankly, I'm not an expert in these programs and I've heard as many things about them as you probably have. So, again, you'd have to learn about each one for yourself.

A debt attorney, like myself, does not generally deal with credit card debt (unless you are severally in default- 6 or more months). I also do not get paid on an "on-going" basis out of monthly payments. If you want to lower and payoff your debt(s) with my services, you deal with me, only (not a phone operator or "debt counselor"), and you pay me once, only- and only if we succeed in achieving your goal. My services are not anything along the lines of these programs, many of which require debtors to go into default so that these programs have more negotiating power- allegedly. They also require payments into accounts before they will negotiate for you. I'm not sure who does the negotiating or their qualifications.

Our services are legal services by an experienced business and debt attorney. 

Email us today at to learn about our flat and contingent $250.00 fee (per debt) "debt help service" for New Yorkers. You only pay if we achieve your goal.

Email or call today to discuss how we can help resolve your New York debts without lawsuits, bankruptcies, long term programs, or legal or other fees unless the debt is resolved. If you want to get debts and judgments resolved quickly, properly, and inexpensively, we offer the best possible solution.

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