Experienced Business Law & Debt Counsel



Individuals:   We negotiate your debts lower - We protect your rights

Businesses:   We negotiate debt lower and restructure obligations - We collect on open receivables
Investors: We structure and form investment vehicles and perform due diligence on receivables and other debt-related investment opportunities, and then collect on those debt investments


Flat Fee Debt Help: $250.00 for individuals

Flat Fee Debt Help: $1,000.00 for businesses
Pay only if your goal is achieved

We help individuals resolve debt.
We help businesses resolve debt.

We help businesses restructure debts and obligations.
We help creditors collect debt (contingent 20% fee)
We buy receivables (invoices, bills, future rents per leases).

- Personal Debt
- Medical Debt
- Judgments
- Loan Defaults
- Business and Commercial Debt

- Business Contract Re-Negotiations

- Business Restructuring
- Business/Commercial Collections
- Breach of Contract Claims

- Help Tenants With Landlord Breaches

We recognize the financial burden and the impractical cost for individuals and small businesses with debt problems to retain an attorney to help deal with creditors and debt collectors. But, having an attorney on your side to deal with a debt collection action or a debt-related judgment levels the playing field by ensuring that the debt is legitimate, that debtors are not unduly or illegally harassed, that creditors follow proper legal procedures, and that debtors are protected from paying more money to creditors than necessary.

In the goal of helping New Yorkers, we offer a flat and contingent $250.00 fee (per debt) for individuals and $1,000.00 (per debt) for businesses, where we:
– Respond to collector or attorney letters and phone calls
– Negotiate with creditors on your behalf
- Restructure contracts, loans, leases, and other business agreements and obligations to lower the debt and/or extend payment dates and amounts
– Review facts of the alleged debt to ensure there was really a debt
– Uncover facts that may make the debt improper or legally uncollectable
– Ensure that proper collection practices are being followed
– Attempt to settle the debt for a mutually agreeable amount
– Get a proper written settlement agreement, or a satisfaction of a judgment

You only pay if we succeed.

*The flat fee for our debt aid services is $250.00 per debt for individuals and $1,000.00 for businesses. There are no additional legal fees or charges (except for any overnight and certified mailings at client's request). Services and fees are subject to a written agreement between this firm and the respective client.

We can try to help you if you:
– Received a collection letter
– Received a collection phone call
– Have a known debt
– Received notice of a judgment against you for a debt
- Have a present or future business debt(s)
- Want to re-negotiate a business obligation, such as a loan, lease, or account payable
- Need to collect a business debt or a receivable owed to you (fee: 20% of collection made)
- Want to pay or settle a judgment against you or your business
- Want to monetize a receivable
or open invoice by selling it


Important: Service are not available to you if:  (i) Your bank account has already been levied with the funds taken; or (ii) you have already been served with a lawsuit (however, if the lawsuit has already been turned into a “judgment” we can assist).

*contingent fees are placed in escrow prior to services and returned if goals not achieved in time frame agreed.

Commercial/Business Collections

Commercial collections for creditors are on a contingent fee basis, based on a percentage (20%) of collection.


All services provided and terms of services are subject to a service engagement letter agreement between this law firm and the specific client.

Email us today at attorney@siskindlawfirm.com to learn about our flat and contingent $250.00 personal fee (per debt) and $1,000.00 business fee (per debt) “debt help and debt restructuring” services for New Yorkers.

Debtors: Email or call today to discuss how we can help resolve your New York debts without lawsuits, bankruptcies, long term programs, or legal or other fees, unless the debt is resolved. If you want to get debts and judgments resolved quickly, properly, and inexpensively, we offer the best possible solution.

Creditors: Email or call to discuss our commercial debt collection services, or our receivables and debt buying programs.

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