Factoring (Account Receivable Funding/Invoice Financing)

Receivable Advance, LLC's Factoring Services

Coming in May, 2020 - Feel free to inquire today.
Non-recourse invoice purchases, up to $5,000.00 face value (to go up to $10,000.00 upon the economy's successful and sustained re-opening)

Spot Factoring (Single Invoice Factoring)

We will purchase invoices on a case-by-case basis. No contracts.
It will be more expedient for you to get approved in advance of your shipment so that all due diligence is complete* and the invoice purchase can be completed upon your customer's receipt of your product or service. Call today.

*Due diligence will include:
-Checking your customer's payment history and financial stability using third party services (Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax)
-Good standing of your company with proper authority to sell invoice
-Review of the written terms of the particular transaction
-Your customer's confirmation of receipt of product or service in the form promised

Main points:
1. Customer/Client must be in New York State
2. We will factor finance invoices with face value up to $5,000.00
3. Non-recourse

Process: We will evaluate a purchase of your invoice as follows:

1. Invoice payment is not overdue.

2. Customer/client must be in New York State.

3. 80% of face value paid upfront, with 20% rebate upon collection, less a Factor Fee (6% Factor Fee- no additional fees. Fee may be adjusted lower based on volume.). There will be a holdback of a portion of the 80% until the allowable product return period expires (or a return of funds agreement may be used).

4. We do a UCC-1 search to check that the subject inventory is free and clear of liens (or a waiver of lienor may be acceptable)

5. Credit and financial stability of the invoice seller's customer/client will be reviewed using third-party credit services. (There is a $150.00 due diligence fee and a $150.00 customer credit check fee paid by the client.)

6. We'd need a copy of the transaction terms (ex: purchase order form and invoice).

7. We need confirmation of the customer's/client's receipt of the product or service.

8. Proof will be needed of invoice seller's right to sell the receivable for the company.

9. Notice of invoice assignment of invoice or bill is to be sent to the customer/client.
10. It will be helpful if you've sold to the customer/client in the past and they have a payment history with you.

11. Factor and client will enter into an invoice sale and assignment contract.

12. For short or non-conforming shipments or incomplete services, invoice seller would reimburse factor for the difference between the advance and final amounts due if less than the advance, with any balance due client to be void.


We do not factor-finance construction invoices. We do not factor-finance medical reimbursement charges to insurance companies.


Telephone: 646.530.0006