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Individual Debt

We negotiate your debt lower - We protect your rights

Flat Fee: $250.00
Pay only if your goal is achieved

People incur debt for many reasons. Mostly, to cover bills; sometimes to acquire goods and services they want or need; and, most often, for medical needs.

No matter the reason for your debt problems, you need advice on the best way to manage them and how to deal with creditors. Creditors may include doctors offices, hospitals, credit card companies, landlords, utilities, or someone who loaned you money and wants to be repaid.

We will help defend you from collections, creditors, and judgments by determining if there is true liability, trying to settle amounts, and preventing illegal harassment. We will try to make your life better.

Email us today at attorney@siskindlawfirm.com to learn about our flat and contingent $250.00 fee (per debt) "debt help service" for New Yorkers. You only pay if we achieve your goal.


Email or call today to discuss how we can help resolve your New York debts without lawsuits, bankruptcies, long term programs, or legal or other fees unless the debt is resolved. If you want to get debts and judgments resolved quickly, properly, and inexpensively, we offer the best possible solution.