Landlord Breach of Warranty of Habitability

$130.00 Flat Fee

In every residential lease in New York is an expressed or implied warranty of habitability- meaning that the landlord is expected to provide and maintain a safe and clean environment in the manner expected by the tenant when the lease was made.

Landlords often fail to respond to tenants calling for repairs or the cleaning-up of bugs or vermin, or requests to stop excessive noise or extreme behaviors by neighbors.

If a neighbor is a problem, the answer is to contact the landlord, who has the duty to you of providing and maintaining a habitable apartment. You should not approach or address a neighbor. The neighbor has no legal duty to you- plus, this is a good way to get into a fight. Call and write the landlord.

If your landlord is not responding to your complaints, you may need an attorney to get the landlord to address issues related to bugs, rodents, noise, or neighbors. Mainly, the law requires landlords to prevent and repair threats to life, health, or safety.

We can help to get a landlord to respond. Landlords know that a breach of the warranty of habitability is an issue for which he can be sued, or one for which your rent can be abated retroactively or reduced. When you have an attorney, the landlord knows that you are serious- and know your rights.

Our flat $130.00 fee is meant to help tenants get satisfaction from unreasonable problems and disturbances without litigation or withholding rent. If these actions are required after the flat fee service is provided with letters to the landlord or management, we can discuss the next available steps.


The flat fee does not include litigation related services such as filing or answering lawsuits or evictions.




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