​List of Services

We are a debt solutions law firm that handles debt related issues for debtors, creditors, individuals, businesses, and landlords.

For Individuals -$250.00 Per Debt Flat Fee

- Individual Debt Settlement

- Judgment Settlement

- Medical Debt Settlement
- Past Rent Debt Settlement
- Debt Validation

- Loan Restructuring

For Businesses - $1,500.00 Per Debt Flat Fee

- Business Debt Settlement
- Judgment Settlement
- Business Debt Restructuring
- Business Obligation Restructuring

- Debt Collections (20% Of Amount Collected)

- Buy Business Receivables And Open Invoices

- Breach of Contract Claims

For Landlords

- Provide 3-Months Rent Advances (See Our "Rent Advances" Page)
- Rent Collections

​For Creditors (Including Businesses And Landlords)

- Commercial Debt Collections

- Medical Debt Collections

- Buy Business Receivables And Open Invoices

- Provide 3-Month Rent Advances

For Business Creditors

- Business Debt Collections (20% of amount collected)
- Consumer Debt Collections (20% of amount collected, services available outside of New York City)

For Tenants - $250.00 Flat Fee

- Get landlords to provide the services and maintenance the law requires. Get landlord's to respond.