Medical Debt

We negotiate your debts lower - We protect your rights

Flat Fee: $250.00
Pay only if your goal is achieved

Medical debts can arise due to a visit to a doctor or dentist's office, or, more often, from a visit to a hospital or emergency room. Either way, it's frustrating, because we all have medical needs, and this has now become a major cost that you can't afford to pay. While no one can make the payment that has come due disappear, maybe something can be done to get it lowered, and to get you more time to pay it off.


Let us try to make your life a little easier!

Email us today at to learn about our flat and contingent $250.00 fee debt help service for New Yorkers. You only pay if we achieve your goal. 

Email or call today to discuss how we can help resolve your New York debts without lawsuits, bankruptcies, long term programs, or legal or other fees unless the debt is resolved. If you want to get debts and judgments resolved quickly, properly, and inexpensively, we offer the best possible solution.