"Receivable Advance™" Program
"Rent Advance™" Program

We'll pay cash- 40%* of your overdue invoice's face value, with the opportunity for you to get 70%**

*For receivables aged less than 120 days.

Older invoices will be considered, but the purchase would be at 30% of face value.

**Upon a full collection within 6 months, you'd receive 30% of total invoice amount in addition to the original 40% purchase amount.

Ex: Full collection: Face value of invoice $5,000.00, the purchase price would be $2,000.00 (40%). If the full amount of the invoice is collected within 6 months, you get an additional $1,500.00 (30% of invoice face value) for a total of $3,500.00 paid to you (70% of invoice face value).

​​We specialize in invoices with up to a $15,000.00 face value.

Receivable Advance™

We will purchase receivables/invoices that meet the following criteria:

- Open invoice is for a service provided in New York, or a product delivered to a New York business or resident:

- Business Invoice: If the receivable is due from a business (i.e. a product or service provided to a corporation or LLC for a business purpose), the company/debtor that owes the money must be in business for over 5 years.

- Consumer Invoice: If the receivable is due from a consumer (i.e. a service or product sold to an individual for household or personal use ex: home repairs, medical services), the person responsible to pay the bill or invoice (the receivable) must live outside New York City.

Compare Your Options for Monetizing Overdue Receivables and Unpaid Invoices:

1. Pay a collection attorney and still not collect.

2. Retain a collection attorney on contingency, and still not collect, or still not make a full collection, and pay the contingency fee for any recovered amounts.

(See our commercial debt collection service on this website if you prefer to attempt a contingency-fee collection.)

Receivable/Invoice Purchase Terms:
1. Face value of receivable: $300.00-$15,000.00*.

2. Open invoice is for a service provided in New York, or a product delivered to a New York business or resident.

3. Receivable is less than 120 days past due (older invoices will be considered, but the purchase would be at 30% of face value).

4. Proof and documentation of the service provided, or of the product delivered by your company that led to the invoice or bill, is required.

5. The debt seller (you) to agree to cooperate with buyer (us) in any legal process required for collection.

6. We will pay approximately 40% of face value (final amount depends on circumstances, invoice age, and the debtor's general profile).

7. Upon a full collection, you'd receive 30% of the collection (less collection costs).

* We will purchase a receivable in any amount, but will pay a maximum of $4,000.00 for any receivable.

We will not purchase receivables for construction/contracting work.


Businesses with receivable(s) for sale may be located anywhere in the U.S. provided that the payor/debtor is in New York State.




We will consider buying New York judgments on a case-by-case basis.



Rent Advance™

We will buy up to 3 months of future rent obligations due from your residential tenant at approximately 70% of amounts due (the final purchase price depends on length of tenancy, tenant profile, payment history). See the "Rent Advances" page of this website for the specifics of our "Rent Advance™" program.

If you need debt collection services instead of selling your receivable outright, see the "Commercial Debt Collection" page on this website.

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