"Rent Advance" Program

Landlords who need liquidity and the immediate use of rental monies can tap future rental income due from tenants in their residential property by selling a portion of those future rights to us, under the circumstances described below. Landlords include owners of houses, two-family homes, and apartments (condos).


- Property must be in New York State.

- Property cannot be in New York City.

- Landlord must provide tenant's name and copy of identification on file, tenant's employer, any credit history in landlord's possession, length of tenancy, rent history to date, any other useful and relevant information in landlord's possession.

- Landlord must provide and certify a copy of the existing lease.
- Landlord will provide an assignment of rent.

We will buy up to 3 months rental income rights at approximately 70% of face value (final purchase price to depend on tenant profile, length of tenancy, tenant payment history).

Call us today to monetize future income rights from your New York rental property tenant.